10 January 2011

Go Work Horse 2011!

We here at Work Horse have been quietly passing through the holiday season, but rest assured, readers, we have not been slacking. Since our show at Lox we have recruited some new members who are contributing some awesome work to the collective.

In the new year you can look forward to:

  • New work from new members
  • New wearables coming to Unarmed Merchants
  • New soft collaborative pieces
  • More ties, more fantastic 2D work
  • A show at Tomato Head in May/June
  • Shows at a few other local venues

Thanks to the folks at The Sunsphere is NOT a Wigshop blog for posting a picture of our ties in their story about Lox Salon moving! We hope everyone is enjoying this extra snowy weather we've been having. 

Happy New Year from your friendly Work Horse crew!

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