29 November 2011

Porter Flea Holiday Handmade Market!

Hey y'all! We are super excited to return to Nashville this weekend for the 2nd Porter Flea Market. There are so many amazing vendors and food trucks I can hardly wait!

We will have skinny ties, lego jewelry, vintage and new art and plenty more Work Horse goodness. So be sure to visit us this Saturday from 12-8 at the East Park Community Center in Nashville! We look forward to seeing you there!

22 October 2011

KHFF - October 22-23

Hey y'all, be sure to come visit us at the Knoxville Horror Film Fest this weekend! We'll have a booth featuring some pretty sweet horror related products as well as our usual fare. Work Horse also created some prizes for the night as well as the trophies!

This is the third year running and we're delighted to be a part of it. Check out the lineup of films on their website. It is definitely a weekend you won't want to miss!

30 August 2011

Work Horse at Magpies!

We are very excited to have a show at Magpies Bakery this month! The opening is this Friday, September 2 from 5-7:00 pm.

We'd love to see you all! And if you haven't had a cupcake from Magpies, holey moley, you are in for a treat.

03 July 2011

Cranking out new skinny ties

In preparation for Porter Flea, we've become a two person tie factory. We're bringing back old styles and adding some new ones to the mix. Come by our booth early next Saturday and grab your favorites before they're gone!

02 July 2011

Work Horse's first ever craft fair!

We're doing Porter Flea and we couldn't be more excited! We are packing up crates of our finest wares and heading to Nashville. There will be new works by our seven members, including framed pieces, embroideries, vintage goodies, and skinny ties. Plus, we'll be in great company (just look at that list of makers... and food!) so there will be plenty to see and do.

We're looking forward to meeting lots of new people, so please stop by and say hello next Saturday!

28 June 2011

Tick Tock

We're counting down the days until our appearance at the Porter Flea in East Nashville on Saturday July 9th.

Tick tock, tick tock.
(or should we say, Tik Tok?)

30 May 2011

Work Horse invites you to a reception.

Hey y'all! You may have eaten at Tomato Head in Market Square this past month and seen some amazing artwork depicting action, adventure, and hair-raising moments of tense anticipation. That was us. Sorry for making your adrenaline rise 110%.

"Astonishing Tales of Perilous Adventure" is an exhibition from the collective Work Horse, where six artists came together to make action-packed works of art out of nothing more than recycled/thrifted goods, powerful blasts of pop culture references, and some duct tape and wire.

This weekend, the show will come down at the Knoxville location of Tomato Head and re-install (with additional / supplemental work) at the Maryville location. Along with the relocation comes an opening reception where you'll get to have some pizza, talk to the artists, and, perhaps, buy some amazing work for the walls of your home. We'll be there to talk about the art on the walls, sign autographs, drink wine, take pictures giving your children high-fives, and even sell some smaller artwork that you can take home with you that very night.

So come out on Sunday June 5, from 5 to 7 at the Maryville Tomato Head to experience art that takes it to the edge (then jumps off and rides a phoenix to the moon).

03 March 2011

Work Horse is working.

In preparation for our show at the Tomato Head in May, we have been diligently hunting for new pieces to be transformed. You can only imagine how excited we are that yard sale season is upon us. We've been working on these collage pieces, and looking forward to doing more.

Also, we're going bigger this summer.

10 January 2011

Go Work Horse 2011!

We here at Work Horse have been quietly passing through the holiday season, but rest assured, readers, we have not been slacking. Since our show at Lox we have recruited some new members who are contributing some awesome work to the collective.

In the new year you can look forward to:

  • New work from new members
  • New wearables coming to Unarmed Merchants
  • New soft collaborative pieces
  • More ties, more fantastic 2D work
  • A show at Tomato Head in May/June
  • Shows at a few other local venues

Thanks to the folks at The Sunsphere is NOT a Wigshop blog for posting a picture of our ties in their story about Lox Salon moving! We hope everyone is enjoying this extra snowy weather we've been having. 

Happy New Year from your friendly Work Horse crew!

07 October 2010

Haunted was a smash hit!

Thanks to everyone who came out! We had a great time and we hope you did too.

Don't forget, Haunted is up at Lox Salon through the end of the month!

Also, thanks to my sister Tara for being the official photographer of the night and getting these shots.