30 May 2011

Work Horse invites you to a reception.

Hey y'all! You may have eaten at Tomato Head in Market Square this past month and seen some amazing artwork depicting action, adventure, and hair-raising moments of tense anticipation. That was us. Sorry for making your adrenaline rise 110%.

"Astonishing Tales of Perilous Adventure" is an exhibition from the collective Work Horse, where six artists came together to make action-packed works of art out of nothing more than recycled/thrifted goods, powerful blasts of pop culture references, and some duct tape and wire.

This weekend, the show will come down at the Knoxville location of Tomato Head and re-install (with additional / supplemental work) at the Maryville location. Along with the relocation comes an opening reception where you'll get to have some pizza, talk to the artists, and, perhaps, buy some amazing work for the walls of your home. We'll be there to talk about the art on the walls, sign autographs, drink wine, take pictures giving your children high-fives, and even sell some smaller artwork that you can take home with you that very night.

So come out on Sunday June 5, from 5 to 7 at the Maryville Tomato Head to experience art that takes it to the edge (then jumps off and rides a phoenix to the moon).

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